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Rebecca is an artist, philosopher and writer based in Manchester.

"Artistic creation is an act of liberation. The artist seeks to actualise the authentic personality, the self which is often suppressed or shut down in our daily life."

After graduating in philosophy with Italian from the University of Exeter in August 2021, I decided to dedicate my time to finding out what it is that I really love doing.


As most students will freely admit, academic study is stressful, time-consuming, and requires a tunnel-like focus of attention on essays, research, and learning material. Once my degree was completed, I decided to set aside my withered academic brain and follow my intuition towards a career that would align with my passion for art, philosophy, and writing.

I have always been an imaginative creator.


Literature, philosophy, psychology, art, and religion – what some philosophers refer to as ‘spiritual’ disciplines, that is, areas of study which attempt to grasp the human spirit actualised in a physical and inter-personal form – these are the fields of human life which strike me as most meaningful. Connections and symbols within both art and the written word are welcome friends to my mind, communicating a meaning beyond the surface level.











I am a lover of the depths.

Since the age of sixteen, I have been exploring the recesses of my psyche through psychoanalysis, journaling, meditation, counselling, cognitive-behavioural therapy, trauma therapy, and back.


Nietzsche once wrote that “in all of philosophy, what is missing until now is the artist.” In an age where a question mark hangs over philosophy’s utility as a discipline, I strive to pursue my passion for artistic, philosophical and literary expression.

Art is and has always been an actualisation of the self and a liberation of the personality, a remedy for the human soul forced to repress, destroy, and comply with convention.

Following in Nietzsche’s footsteps, I define myself as a Künstler-Philosoph, an artist-philosopher who, in fusing together the opposing elements of life (Apollonian and Dionysian, Yin and Yang), seeks to actualise the individuated and authentic self through artistic creation.


The artist’s work is a direct reflection of the artist, and through thorough self-reflection, self-correction and self-awareness, I aim to bring forth a collection of unique creations which go beyond the ego and personify the authentic self.

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